Ossential C-Bright Serum 10% Vitamin C

Provides a potent, pure dose of vitamin C that is stabilized to brighten and re-texturize the skin. Helps remove surface discoloration while preventing new pigment from forming. Powerful antioxidants help defend against environmental triggers that cause pigmentation. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ossential Brightalive Non-Retinol Skin Brightener

A revolutionary skin brightener that uses technologically advanced, multi-action complexes to treat hyperpigmentation and sun damage without the use of retinol and hydroquinone. Targets the many stages that cause hyperpigmentation. Helps brighten and even the skin tone, prevent future damage, and break up existing pigmentation.

Brightenex 1.0% or 0.5% Retinol

Formulated to even skin color and tone. Can be used as a first course in treating hyperpigmentation and as a maintenance product after completing a course of Rx treatments. Targets skin discoloration and breaks up existing pigmentation. Brightens skin and helps even skin tone while preventing future damage. Antioxidant protection and helps support the repair of the skin. Fights fine lines and wrinkles.


Melamix Skin Lightener & Blending Crème

Formulated specifically to be used with tretinoin. Contains 4% hydroquinone, which is used for the treatment of pigmentation. By prescription only.


Retamax Active Vitamin A Micro Emulsion

A lightweight, high potency retinol lotion that helps reverse the signs of skin aging. Helps reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin while supporting a more even skin tone. Provides antioxidant and anti-irritant properties. Helps skin renew itself.